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Women's Top Nude | Mini Body Tube
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Mini Body Tube

This one is for the girls who aren't afraid to layer, mix-and-match and put in their own spin! The mini body tube is the most versatile garment you will ever wear. Your closet is begging for one of these!

It's a top. It's a skirt. It's beautiful intimate apparel. It's worn to be seen.... This seamless, super soft, ultra stretchy, comfort tube is whatever you want it to be. We love it as a little strapless top or mini skirt worn as outerwear. But it is also the perfect lining or undergarment underneath all of your clothes. Ladies, you know you want to try it!

  • Perfect super stretchy snug fit

  • Side-seam free

  • Ultra smooth, high quality fabrication

  • Smooth bodyline under clothes

  • No ride up

  • Easy care and quick dry

  • Long-lasting premium quality